Author:Administrator 2021-01-19 16:15:08

As a part of the CICAF, ICCC is now 16 years old starting from 2006. Now ICCC stands as a trademark event of CICAF most appealing to our next generation from both China and the rest of the world. Among the Chinese multi-national cultural activities of global reputation, it is also a giant stage for kids who love fine arts around the world.

Competition for children under the age of 18 in the world every year, events and exhibitions throughout the year. A total of more than 300000 entries received, printed and printed more than 40,000 copies of the award-winning works, contestants across five continents more than 40 countries and regions. The theme of each competition is closely around the great motherland rich and strong, green environmental protection initiatives, imagine the future, humanistic care and other aspects of setting.

The contest invited famous cartoonists Huang Yulang, Cai Zhizhong as the director of the jury, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and more than a dozen artists, cartoonists set up a panel of judges, each selected a total of more than 5000 awards.

In order to further promote international exchanges and integration, since the launch of the World Tour in 2014, international tours have been held in Malaysia, Germany, Japan, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Hungary and Russia; Chinese exhibitions have been held in major cities and regions of China; and invitations have been organized for children's painting events around the world. All kinds of exhibitions have accumulated more than 80 times. This has expanded a new dimension for Chinese culture to the world.