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Author:Administrator 2022-09-08 12:14:39

China (Hangzhou) International Children's Comics Contest (CICCC) has now developed into one of the youth brand activities with the largest participation and highest international degree in China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF). It is also one of the most influential international youth cultural activities in China, a big platform for children and teenagers, who love painting art and want to exchange ideas worldwide. 

In order to further promote the contest, and to implement the combination of talents cultivation and works recommendation in local area, the 2022 “Magic Eyes”CICCC of the 18th CICAF is now open to recruit sub-divisions worldwide. The specific application details are as follows:

I. Time

September 9---12, 2022

II. Conditions & Requirements

1.The business scope of the application enterprises or institutions shall include but not limited to children's art education, activity organization, and event planning, etc., and they shall have a good reputation and industry support in local art education industry.

2.The domestic applicants must have an independent legal entity with a registered capital of at least RMB 100,000 yuan, and hold a valid industrial and commercial business license. Foreign enterprises or institutions applying for the sub-division must present local legal and valid permit business certificate.

3.Please provide the introduction of previous events, including entries number, cities involved, on-site photos, event videos, media reports and other relevant info when applying, if obtaining the event planning experience and professional team, etc.

4.The applicants shall have the resources of local print, outdoor, radio, TV traditional media and professional media channels related to aesthetic education, and operates new media accounts such as Weibo and Wechat. 

5.The region that has won the best sub-division of the previous year does not need to apply again and will automatically become the sub-division of the current year, but it needs to submit the organizing plan as well. 

6.The applicants who was the previous CICCC sub-division shall submit the previous achievements, in the form of, not limited to pictures, videos, text, and media coverage, etc., when applying again, and therefore will be given priority to the hosting qualification.

7. The application enterprises or institutions shall promise to collect no less than 300 local entries.  

8.When successfully selected as the sub-division, the applicant must cooperate with the CICCC organizer to complete the update (sub-division introduction, event photos and videos, etc.) in the CICCC website. 

9.CICCC maintains the principle of public welfare, each sub-division shall not charge any fee to the participants for any reason.

10. When successfully selected as the sub-division, the applicant must cooperate with the CICCC organizer to complete some other related work. 

III. Submission

Please download the attachment and fill in the application forms as required. After filling in, all application materials should be packed and compressed and sent to, with the subject of “2022 ‘Magic Eyes’ CICCC XXX Sub-division Application”

IV. Contact

Ms. YANG, Tel: 86-571-8702 9773 (Sat & Sun Off)

Ms. WANG, Tel: 86-571-8582 1032 (Mon & Tue Off)

CICAF Executive Committee Office

September 8, 2022

Application Form 2022“Magic Eyes”CICCC Sub-Division