2021 China (Hangzhou) International Children’s Cartoon Contest

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The NOTICE is hereby given with respect to 2021 China (Hangzhou) International Children’s Cartoon Contest (ICCC), which is co-hosted by the Executive Committee Office of CICAF and China Association for Children’s Plastic Arts, executively operated by Hangzhou Youth & Children’s Center, and co-organized by People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries of both Zhejiang and Hangzhou. Please refer to the Contest’s information necessary to know as below.

I. About ICCC

China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF), the annual Hangzhou-based and China’s only state-level show of this type first launched in 2005, has become nowadays the largest and most popular gathering with the greatest influence over the professional community of cartoon and animation. The Festival is also a cultural trading event in the A-list of the state’s “Go-Global Program for Chinese Culture”, a part of China’s “Outline of the Program for Culture Reform and Development” for both the 12th and 13th Five-year Plans. 

ICCC, a signature CICAF event, is comprised of year-long contests and exhibitions attracting to date more than 400,000 individual contestants from over 40 countries and regions, over 900 organizational contestants and some 100 groups from overseas, leaving behind over 50,000 copies of ICCC prize-winner albums in 15 volumes. ICCC puts originality first and gives a theme for contestants every year from perspectives like the Chinese culture, people’s future, humanity and our environment, etc. Eminent cartoonists, like Han Meilin, Zhu Deyong, Wong Yuk-long, Cai Zhizhong and Phil Ye (US), were the chairs of judge panel to the Contest, who granted every year over 5,000 awards of different grades, including the outstanding, gold, silver, bronze and excellent prizes and the one for art coaches. Now ICCC stands as a trademark CICAF event most appealing to young generations from both China and the rest of the world. Among China’s youth-targeted cultural events of global reputation, ICCC is also considered an amazing stage for kids who love fine arts around the world.

More programs, like domestic and worldwide entry tours, started in 2014 to extend ICCC’s reach to the globe. We have, over the past six years, made over 3,000 select prize-winners on 159 tours in Chinese cities and other countries or regions like Malaysia, Germany, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Hungary and Taiwan province. The five ICCC overseas venues in Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, UK and Germany also provide a new opportunity for the Chinese culture to access the world. 

II. Timeline

1. Early October 2020:  Kick-off of the Contest’s preparation

2. October 2020 - April 2021:  ICCC warm-up shows and events

3. April 8, 2021:  Website opened for entries to upload  

4. May 30, 2021:  Deadline for entry submission

5. June 2021:  Initial review of digital entries

6. Mid June 2021:  Completion of the notification, collection, registration and recording of the qualified entries

7. Late June 2021:  Re-evaluation and final review of qualified entries

8. Early September 2021:  Preparing for exhibitions and the award ceremony, and making the album of prize winners (The ceremony details to be separately informed to the winners by early September)

9. Early October 2021:   Winner announcement, award ceremony and entry exhibition

10. End November 2021:  Completion of issuance and delivery of prize certificates and the albums

11. October 2021 - June 2022:  Twenty prize-winner tour shows in China and worldwide 

III. Invitations

1. Organizers of ICCC in China and overseas 

We will continue to organize ICCC overseas qualifiers around the world as well as those in different Chinese cities. Application for organizing such events shall be delivered to the ICCC Organizing Committee should any company has such qualifications and intent.

2. Organizers of entry tours in China

We will continue to select organizational contestants to stage ICCC entry tours this year in Chinese cities. Application for staging the events shall be delivered to the ICCC Organizing Committee should any contestant is qualified.

Please contact Mrs. Wang Zhan (phone: +86-133-3603-6997, the same as her WeChat ID) from the ICCC Organizing Committee for more details.

IV. Remarks

1. Admission to ICCC shall be totally free of charge.

2. A prize for the organizers’ contribution will be available in the light of the number of entries and prizes granted.

3. Please refer to Appendix I for invitation of entries, Appendix II for entry registration and Appendix III for statistics of group contestants.

Appendix 1


2021 China (Hangzhou) International Children’s Cartoon Contest 

I. Name:

 2021 China (Hangzhou) International Children’s Cartoon Contest

II. Co-hosts:

Executive Committee Office of CICAF

China Association for Children’s Plastic Arts 

III. Executive Organizer:

Hangzhou Youth and Children’s Centre

IV. Co-organizers:

Zhejiang Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Hangzhou Municipal People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

V. Acknowledgments:

Wit & Humor 

Art Kingdom

Shandong New Wintree Art Supplies Co., Ltd.

Canson & Giotto

Shanghai M&G Stationary Co., Ltd.

Shengleini Culture & Arts (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

VI. Organizers of ICCC Overseas Contests

Artopia Education Trust (Malaysia)                    

Fukui International Association / Gifu International Exchange Association / Gifu Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association (Japan)

Singapore Sunshine Arts Education (Singapore) 

Sino-UK Cultural and Educational Exchange Information Association (UK)

SINIKA Culture & Business Development GmbH (Germany) 

VII. Organizers of ICCC Chinese Contests

Lanzhou Children’s Palace (Lanzhou)

Suzhou Cartoon Association (Suzhou)

Guizhou Yuange Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. (Guiyang)

Youngster’s Activity Centre of Shanghai Hongkou District (Shanghai)

Guangxi Li’ao Art & Culture Co., Ltd. (Guilin)

Ji’an Jinggangshan Children’s Art Academy (Jinggangshan)

Nanjing Manjia Culture & Creative Art Co., Ltd. (Nanjing)

Dongguan Xuanman Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen) 

Tianjin Youth Activity Center (Tianjin) 

VIII. Entry Contributors  

Any person under 18 years old worldwide (born after May 30, 2003)

IX. Theme (one option only)

1.A Journey to the Future 

2.Unity is Strength

3.Diary (four or multiple panels)

X. Requirements for Entries

1. Only handmade works are acceptable, and no submission of any entry sharing two or more authors is allowed.

2. An ICCC entry shall be conceptually creative and positive in content. It can be delivered as a single page, four-panel cartoon, strip cartoon, picture book or any other innovation since there is no restriction on format. Black-white or colored entries are both allowed. A single-page entry shall be sized from 20×30cm to 40×55cm with no framing. A picture book should be bound with no more than eight pages (no requirement for the binding form) and sized between 15×20 and 30×40 cm.

XI. Contest Rules  

1. ICCC Contestants shall be classified as the Teens (junior and senior middle school students) and the Kids (primary school students and preschoolers).

2. ICCC Contestants shall attest and affirm the originality of the entry submitted. All consequences arising from any infringement of the legal rights of others regarding the entries shall be ascribed to and assumed by the contestant himself/herself. Any entry guilty of plagiarism shall be disqualified from ICCC prizes.

XII. Registration and Admission

Qualifier: Please log onto the website https://comic.cicaf.com to register and submit the electronic version of your entry.

Final: Please send the original copy of your entry, if shortlisted for the Qualifier, to join the Final upon receipt of the notice from the Organizing Committee.

XIII. Entry Specifications

1. Only ONE entry shall be allowed from each contestant.

2. Please upload in JPG format. You can use a mobile phone or camera with definition ranging from 5 million to 10 million pixels.

3. Entries of more than one contestant from the same company or organization shall be allowed to upload when the company or organization has had them all registered. Please upload by sharing the QR code on the registration page or copying the link.

4. Please upload your electronic entries within a period from April 8 to May 30 (the date of uploading shall prevail).

5. The ICCC Organizing Committee will send a notice by mid-June to the contestants in China requesting them to send the original copy of their entries to compete in the Final when they have been shortlisted for the Qualifier (No colored printout for hand-painted works but only computer-drawn works allow colored printout. Whoever do not send works shall be deemed as waiving the award). The back of entry shall be attached on its bottom right corner with a Registration Form for Entries (please refer to Appendix 2), in which you are required to neatly provide the author’ s name, gender, date of birth, classified group, name of school (or company), mailing address, post code, phone number, art tutor and title of the entry, etc. Please visit the ICCC website (https://comic.cicaf.com) to acquire the Registration Form for Entries.

6. There is no request for sending the original copy of international contestants’ entries, if shortlisted for the Qualifier, to the Organizing Committee due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

XIV. Prizes:

1. We offer 10 Outstanding Prizes (1,000 RMB for each).

2. We offer Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit Prizes respectively granted to 1%, 1.5%, 2.5% and 5% of the total entries.  

3. More prizes will be given to story-like works, like four panels, multi panels and comic strips, to encourage people to create or adapt comic story scripts. 

4. A prize for the excellence of organizers will be granted to any company contributing no less than 150 entries or winning prizes at a high rate. 

5. A prize for coaches’ contribution will be granted to any art coach of Outstanding and Gold Prize winners.

6. We offer a prize for contest venues in recognition of their excellent performance in event organization and publicity, and their contribution of no less than 500 entries with a high rate of prize winning.

7. Select prize-winning entries will be made an album granted to each of the outstanding, gold, silver, coaching and contest organization prize winners.

XV. Prize Winner Announcement  

Prize winners will be unveiled this early October on the official websites of CICAF, ICCC and Hangzhou Youth and Children’s Center. A colored album (290 mm × 275 mm) collecting the select entries will be published, and the best prize winners will be posted on a special page of the CICAF website. Parts of the prize winners will appear in magazines like Wit & Humor and Gamesky. The eighth ICCC Entries Global Tour will continue to be available over the second half of this year in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and UK, while the exhibition of select ICCC prize winners will still be staged in big cities and ICCC host cities in China as well.

XVI. Agreement

No entry shall be returned, and its author shall agree to transfer the rights of publication and exhibition and the ownership of the entry to ICCC hosts and executive organizers. All contestants shall be deemed to concur with the agreement above. 

 XVII. Postal Address and Contact  

1. Please call 0086 (0571) 85828161 (Fan Zhenzhen) should you have any question on the uploading of entries for the Qualifier. Please remember the line is closed on Monday and Tuesday.  

2. For entries shortlisted for the Qualifier in China, please mail the original copy marked ICCC to Hangzhou Youth and Children’s Center (22 Zhao Qing Si Li Street, Xihu District, Hangzhou 310007, P.R.China. Please note this address in Chinese:中国浙江杭州市西湖区昭庆寺里街22号杭州青少年活动中心漫画大赛组委会). 

For more details please contact Mrs. Wang Zhan by calling 0086-133-3603-6997 (mobile phone, the same number as her WeChat ID) or 0086 (571) 85821032 (closed on Monday / Tuesday).

A Flow Chart for Online Registration for 

2021 China (Hangzhou) International Children’s Cartoon Contest

Contact Person

Fan Zhenzhen: 0086 (571) 85828161 (closed on Monday / Tuesday)

Yang Yi: 0086 (571) 87029773 (closed on Saturday / Sunday) 


Note: Both registered Chinese and international contestants can log onto the website with the designated phone number or email address, and please contact the above two persons in case of any need for revising the entry uploaded.