Notice on 2019 China (Hangzhou) International Children’s Cartoon Contest

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NOTICE is hereby given with respect to 2019 China (Hangzhou) International Children’s Cartoon Contest (ICCC), which is co-hosted by the Executive Committee Office of CICAF, China National Youth and Children’s Palace Association and China Association for Children’s Plastic Arts, executively operated by Hangzhou Youth & Children’s Center, and co-organized by People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries of both Zhejiang province and Hangzhou. Kindly requested as follows is your attention to information necessary to know.

I. About ICCC

China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF), the only state-level carnival for cartoon and animation fans and business communities in China, is co-hosted by National Radio and Television Administration and The People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, and co-executed by Hangzhou Municipality, the Provincial Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and Zhejiang Radio & TV Group. Since 2005 from the outset, the annual Hangzhou-based event is nowadays the largest and most popular gathering with great influence over the community of cartoon and animation. It is a part of China’s “Outline of the Program for Culture Reform and Development during the 12th Five-year Plan” and seen as a vital part in the “Go-Global Program for Chinese Culture”.

As a part of the Festival, ICCC is now 14 years old starting from 2006. The year-long event comprised of contests and exhibitions has been a pilgrimage for a total of 300,000 contestants from over 40 countries and regions. ICCC is also a stage for over 900 organizations and close to 100 groups working with foreign contestants, leaving behind over 40,000 copies in 13 series all about its prize-winning entries. ICCC calls for originality and proposes a theme for contestants every year from perspectives like the Chinese culture, the future, humanity and environment protection etc.. Cartoonists like Han Meilin, Zhu Deyong, Wong Yuk-long, Cai Zhizhong and Phil Ye (US) were the invited judges to the Contest that grants over 4,500 prizes classified for outstanding, gold, silver, bronze and excellent entries and tutors’ contributions. Now ICCC stands as a trademark event of CICAF most appealing to our next generation from both China and the rest of the world. Among the Chinese multi-national cultural activities of global reputation, it is also a giant stage for kids who love fine arts around the world.

As a session to ICCC, a biannual forum that focuses on “Collision, Fusion, Creativity — Cartoon & Animation Culture and Fine Arts Class for Kids” has been available since 2011 to have the presence of cartoonists, experts and teachers from the circle. The presentations, discussions and hands-on experiences combine the latest research with common practices and are open to the knowledge from the whole community, making the forum itself a propellant to both the performance of cartoon and animation teachers alike and the academic findings for the relevant education.

To further extend ICCC’s reach to the world, we launched a global entry tour in 2014. Over the past five years, a total of some 2,000 prize-winning works have been on display for over 60 such tours held in Malaysia, Germany, Japan, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Hungary, and Taiwan etc.. To gain a new height for the global market, ICCC also unveiled 6 sites as its overseas venues in Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Singapore, UK and Germany. 

II. Timeline

1. Early October 2018, kick-off of the Contest

2. October 2018 - April 2019, collection of entries and promotional activities

3. March 1, 2019, deadline for submissions

4.March-April 2019, evaluation at initial, review and final stages; prize-winner unveiling; exhibition and award ceremony preparation; prize-winning entries collection compilation (ceremony details to be informed to the winners in early April.)

5. Early May 2019, prize presentation and entry exhibition during CICAF

6. June 2019, completion of issuance and delivery of certificates and prize-winning entry collections

7. May to the end of 2019, prize-winning works exhibition tours in China and worldwide.

III. Special Invitation

1. Availability to be the organizer of ICCC overseas contest. We will continue to call for the organization of ICCC overseas contests around the world. Application for organizing ICCC overseas contest shall be delivered to the Contests’ organizing committee should the applicants have such qualifications and intent.

2. Availability to be the organizer of entry exhibition tours in China. We will continue to select quality organizational contestants to stage exhibition tours in Chinese cities. Application for the staging of the tours shall be delivered to the Contest’s organizing committee should organizational contestants are qualified.

3. Availability to be the collaborator for the global exhibition tour summer camp. In summer break 2019, prize winners will be rounded up by the overseas contest organizer to & the opening ceremony and be granted with the certificate. Organizational contestants are welcome to be the attend local cultural exchange activities collaborator for this summer camp.

Please contact the ICCC organizing committee for more details.

IV. Remarks

1. Admission to the Contest will be totally free of charge.

2. A prize for the organizers’ contribution will be available in the light of the number of entries and prizes granted.

3. Please see Appendix I for the notice inviting entries, Appendix II for the registration form for entries, and Appendix III for the statistics form for group contestants.

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China National Youth and Children’s Palace Association (Seal)

China Association for Children’s Plastic Arts (Seal)

Hangzhou Youth & Children’s Center (Seal)

Appendix I:CONTRIBUTIONS WANTED for 2019 China (Hangzhou) International Children’s Cartoon Contest